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CBSE Schools in Bengaluru Seek Intervention for Migrants’ Kannada Learning

Cbse School Principals In Bengaluru Seek Intervention For Migrant Students' Kannada Learning

Principals from several CBSE schools in Bengaluru raised concerns about the challenges faced by migrant students in learning Kannada. At the Guru Samman Awards 2024 event, they highlighted the difficulties encountered by students, especially those from non-Kannada speaking backgrounds, in acquiring proficiency in the local language.

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Importance of Kannada Learning

While acknowledging the principals’ concerns, Ritesh Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary of the Department of School Education and Literacy, emphasized the significance of learning Kannada within Karnataka’s cultural context. He recognized the state’s mandate for teaching Kannada in all schools, regardless of their board affiliation.

Progressive Education Policies

Singh noted that Karnataka is not alone in mandating the teaching of the local language, citing similar initiatives in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He assured the audience of the government’s commitment to developing progressive education policies that address the needs of all students, including migrants.


Evaluation and Promoting School Attendance

In response to the challenges faced by migrant students, Singh suggested exploring alternative methods for assessing their proficiency in Kannada. He also highlighted the state government’s efforts to promote school attendance among children and emphasized the crucial role of teachers in shaping students’ academic experiences.

Recognition and Awards

The award ceremony, organized by the Bangalore Sahodaya Schools’ Complex Association, recognized outstanding contributions in education across various categories. A total of 243 awards were presented, honoring principals, teachers, and administrative staff for their dedication and commitment to student success.

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