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DCM DK Shivakumar: PM Modi Lacks Info on Shakthi Scheme, Bengaluru Metro

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Bengaluru: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar today said that he is shocked by the statement of Prime minister Narendra Modi that the Shakthi scheme had resulted in loss of revenue for Bengaluru metro.


Speaking to reporters at his Sadashivanagar residence, he said, “The Prime Minister lacks information on Shakthi scheme and hence he has said that the scheme has impacted revenues of Bengaluru metro. Namma metro has earned a revenue of Rs 130 crore in the last one year. Footfalls too have gone up by 30% for the same period. Bengaluru metro is limited to Bengaluru, while Shakthi scheme is rolled out keeping in mind people from across the State.”

“Shakthi scheme is rolled out by Congress to ease the burden of price rise and inflation on women. Metro is a joint initiative between the State and the Centre and it has done well over the last one year. Someone seems have provided incorrect information to the Prime Minister,” he added.  

“I would like to convey to the PM that the KSRTC and Bengaluru metro are being run efficiently while offering Shakthi scheme to women. Women are doing 60 lakh trips per day in Karnataka. Women of the State are very happy with the Shakthi scheme. Many other states are expressing interest in Shakthi scheme,” he said. 

Asked if there was shortage of buses in North Karnataka, he said, “We have already taken a decision to buy 1000 new buses. Of these 100 buses have been allocated to Ramanagara district. Buses will be allocated to North Karnataka as well. We are not looking at making profits from KSRTC, we are only ensuring it doesn’t make losses. The government is reimbursing the cost of tickets under the Shakthi scheme.”

Asked how many seats Congress would win in Lok Sabha, he said, “Congress is doing well in North India as well as people are looking for a change. Congress will win about 20 seats in Karnataka. BJP doesn’t know the impact of our guarantee schemes yet.”

Devaraje Gowda is mentally unstable

Asked about BJP leader Devaraje Gowda’s statement that he was offered Rs 100 crore, Mr Shivakumar said, “If Devaraje Gowda has any proof, he must lodge a complaint with the Lokayuktha. He must be mentally unstable and my sympathies are with him. Media is aware and intelligent enough to separate chaff from the grain. It is not correct to report whatever is said.”

Replying to a question on his discussion with Devaraje Gowda, he said, “As a Deputy Chief Minister, hundreds of people come to meet me. Both good and bad people visit me, it is impossible to assess the background of people and their intentions. I haven’t spoken or done anything wrong, hence I don’t worry about these things. They are using my name for the sake of publicity.”

Replying to former Prime minister Deve Gowda demanding action against all those who are involved in the pen drive case, he said, “Deve Gowda has gone to a temple on his birthday. May God give him health and happiness. I pray that his pain goes away. I wish him a happy birthday.”

Replying to a query on the delay in arresting Prajwal Revanna, he said, “I am confident that SIT will investigate the case efficiently and provide justice to victims. It is the government’s duty to provide justice to the victims.”

BDA Complex

Asked about Opposition Leader R Ashoka’s statement on demolition of BDA complexes for redevelopment, he said, “The BJP seems to have forgotten who initiated this project. It was Bommai who initiated this but Yediyurappa objected to it. Later, Bommai constituted a  committee headed by the Chief Secretary, which clearly stated that the current arrangement was resulting in loss for the government and recommended that the government go ahead with the redevelopment of BDA complexes. I am not sure if Ashoka has full information on this.”


Replying to BJP’s allegation that there was no law and order in the State in view of Anjali’s murder in Hubballi, he said, “The sole objective of the BJP was to criticise. They are casting aspersions as they are unable to digest our good governance.”


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