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Drug Peddling Case in Bangalore: Three Foreigners Among Eight

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The Central Crime Branch (CCB) apprehended eight alleged drug dealers, three of whom were foreign nationals, in four different cases and confiscated drugs valued at Rs 2.74 crore.


In the initial instance, Augustine Nonso, 39; Uderike Fidelis, 34; and Eremhen Smart, 40, were taken into custody by the Anti-Narcotic Wing (ANW) within the boundaries of the Sampigehalli police station.

The suspects, according to police, are all from Nigeria and were visiting Bengaluru on business and medical visas. In the past, they used to get drugs from acquaintances in Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa, then sell them in Bengaluru.

There are 28 cases against one of the suspects in Bengaluru, which the police say was actively involved in cybercrimes. He is charged with stealing money using ATM skimmers. Five persons were arrested and drugs valued at Rs 10 lakh, Rs 14.7 lakh, and Rs 2 crore were found in three other cases that were filed at the police stations in Kothanur, Cottonpet, and VV Puram by ANW detectives.

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