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Father Arrested for Allegedly Killing Son Over Bike Issue in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: In a tragic incident, a father killed his son over a dispute involving a bike in Bengaluru. The incident occurred on Monday (June 10) at Muddinapally under the jurisdiction of Annapurneswari Nagar Police Station.


Anjan Kumar (27) was the victim, and his father, Venkatesh (57), has been arrested by the police. The altercation began when Venkatesh, who had taken the bike out on Sunday evening, lost the key while under the influence of alcohol. He left the bike and returned home without it. The following morning, Anjan questioned his father about the bike’s whereabouts, leading to a heated argument.

The situation escalated as Anjan, in his anger, attacked his father with a helmet. In retaliation, Venkatesh grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Anjan, resulting in his death due to excessive bleeding from a stab wound on his left side.

Venkatesh, who is also a real estate businessman, had previously given a scooty to his daughter. The argument intensified when Anjan brought up the scooty during the fight.

A case has been registered at the Annapurneswari Nagar Police Station, and the police have taken Venkatesh into custody. Initial investigations reveal that the argument started over the missing bike and escalated into a fatal confrontation when Anjan attacked first, prompting Venkatesh to retaliate with a knife.

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