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Improper Disposal of Hospital Waste Causes Panic in Devanahalli’s Boodigere

Hospital Waste

Bangalore : The recent heavy rains in Boodigere village of Devanahalli taluk have led to a disturbing health hazard, as improperly managed hospital waste has spread across roads and residential areas, causing panic among local residents.


The rainwater has carried medical waste, including syringes and pills, from poorly disposed dumps near the Raj canal and roadside into residential areas. This has raised serious health concerns among the community, who have condemned the inadequate waste management practices of local hospitals and medical shops operating under the Budigere Gram Panchayat.

In response to the crisis, officials from the Taluk Health Department conducted an inspection of the affected areas. Notices have been issued to several drug stores for their role in the improper disposal of medical waste. It was also discovered that some of the waste washed onto the roads included veterinary medicines, further complicating the situation.

The residents have expressed their outrage and fear over the potential health risks posed by the spread of these hazardous materials. This incident highlights the urgent need for stricter enforcement of waste disposal regulations to protect public health and the environment.

Authorities are now taking measures to clean up the affected areas and are calling for better waste management practices to prevent such incidents in the future. The local community remains vigilant, hoping for swift and effective action to ensure their safety.


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