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Traffic Police Crack Down on Violators on Mysore-Bangalore Express Highway

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In a significant enforcement effort, the Bengaluru traffic police have registered 12,192 cases against motorists who violated traffic rules on the Mysore-Bangalore Express Highway over the past 15 days. The crackdown was facilitated by the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, which captured images of the violations.


The primary infractions recorded include overspeeding, drivers not wearing seat belts, using mobile phones while driving, and passengers not wearing seat belts. Each identified violator has been issued a notice, mandating the payment of fines within seven days of receiving the notice.

The notice, accompanied by photographic evidence of the violation, instructs motorists to pay the fine either by visiting the concerned traffic station or through a mobile payment option linked to the vehicle’s registration number, facilitated by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). This move underscores the Bengaluru traffic police’s commitment to ensuring road safety and compliance with traffic regulations. The introduction of AI ANPR cameras aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of traffic law enforcement, ultimately reducing the incidence of traffic violations and promoting safer driving practices.

Motorists are urged to adhere to traffic rules to avoid penalties and contribute to a safer driving environment on the Mysore-Bangalore Express Highway.

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