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Mystery Surrounds Deaths of Family in Chitradurga: Overdose Suspected

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In a perplexing case in Chitradurga, the deaths of five members of a family, whose skeletons were discovered on December 28, 2023, have been attributed to a suspected overdose of sleeping pills. Superintendent of Police Dharmendra Kumar Meena disclosed in a press conference that the final forensic report suggested complications arising from nordazepam and oxazepam drugs, commonly found in sleeping pills, as potential causes of death. However, the exact cause remains undetermined.


Forensic Analysis Reveals Drug Presence

Forensic experts collected 71 samples from the house, including soft tissues from the skeletons, which indicated the presence of drugs. Additionally, kitchen utensils showed traces of cyanide ions, although these ions were not detected in the soft tissues. This suggests that cyanide consumption is unlikely.

Identification and Timeline

Following a call from concerned neighbors, police discovered the skeletons in an abandoned house on Challakere Road. The deceased were identified as retired executive engineer Jagannath Reddy (80), his wife Premaleela, and their children Krishna Reddy, Narendra Reddy, and Triveni. The last contact with the extended family was years ago.

Timeline of Events

The investigation and expert opinions suggest the deaths occurred between the last week of February and the first week of March in 2019, approximately four-and-a-half to five years before the discovery of the skeletons. The absence of bone fractures further supports this timeline.

Family’s Fate Remains a Mystery

Despite efforts to piece together the events leading to the family’s demise, numerous questions remain unanswered. The mystery surrounding their deaths continues to intrigue investigators and the public alike, leaving the true circumstances of their tragic end shrouded in uncertainty.

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