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Varuna Festival Brings Heavy Rains to Chitradurga

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In Chitradurga district, the Varuna festival continues to bring heavy rains, enriching the region’s water reservoirs and agricultural lands. The Itta Kote Nodu area of Chitradurga is experiencing substantial rainfall, contributing to the inflow into the Vanivilasa reservoir in Hiriyur taluk.


Inflow Into Reservoir Increases

On Monday, 3800 cusecs of water inflow were recorded, and this increased to 5100 cusecs on Tuesday. As a result, the current water level of the Vanivilasa reservoir has risen to 112.70 feet, with more than a foot of water flowing into the reservoir in just two days. The overflow from the Kelload check dam in Hosdurga taluk is also adding to the reservoir’s water level as water flows through the Vedavati river.

Road Collapse and Rainfall Details

However, amidst the rainfall, some infrastructure challenges have arisen. The road connecting Dharmapura village of Hiriyur taluk to Aralikere village has collapsed, leading to a car getting stuck in a pothole. Fortunately, there have been no reports of casualties.

Various parts of the district, including Holalkere, Hosdurga, and Challakere, are also experiencing significant rainfall.

Rainfall Details Across Taluks

Here are the rainfall details from different taluks of the district:

  • Hiriyur Taluk: Sooguru – 108.6 mm, Ikkanoor – 68.4 mm, Babbur – 59.2 mm, Hiriyur – 54.4 mm, Eshwaragere – 51.0 mm.
  • Holalkere Taluk: Ramagiri – 31.5 mm, Chikkajazur – 30.5 mm, B. Durga – 29.2 mm, H.D. Pura – 38.6 mm, Thalya – 6.2 mm.
  • Challakere Taluk: Challakere – 44.0 mm, Purushurampur – 46.2 mm, Nayakanahatti – 50.4 mm, Taluku – 31.2 mm, D. Marikunte – 62.0 mm.

The average rainfall across the district stands at 27.76 mm, providing much-needed relief to the agricultural community and replenishing water sources.

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