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Sunday, October 01 2023

Counting for ULB elections, by-polls ends

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mcc countingMangaluru: Counting for the Urban Local Body election began on Thursday, November 14 at around 8 AM.

It can be recalled that the polling was held on November 12 in as many as 14 ULBs across Karnataka. Five other ULBs witnessed by-polls.

Two City Corporations- Mangalore City Corporation and Davangere City Corporation; six City Municipal Councils- Kanakapura, Kolar, Mulabagilu, KGF, Gauribidanuru, Chinthamani; three Town Municipal Council-Magadi, Birur, Kampli; three Town Panchayats: Jog-Kargal, Kundagola, Kudligi are going into polls.

Meanwhile, Holenarasipura TMC (ward no-4), Kollegal CMC (ward no-19), Chadachana TP (ward no-5), Mahalingapura TMC (ward no-17), Chittapura TMC (ward no-10) are witnessing by-polls.

In the MCC, there are 60 wards and 180 candidates in the fray.

Davangere City Corporation in Davangere district has 45 wards and 208 candidates are in the fray.

MCC election results:

Surathkal West Ward No 1 

Surathkal West Ward No 1 Shoba Rajesh

Shobha Rajesh from the BJP has won with 985 votes. Independent candidate Revathi Putran secured 760 votes while Congress’ Shantha S Rao secured 548 votes. As many as 21 votes went to NOTA.

Central Market Ward No 41

Central Market Ward No 41 PoornimaPoornima from the BJP has won with 2037 votes. H Mamatha Shenoy of the Congress has secured 426 votes. Rekha Surendra secured 210 votes, while 19 votes went to NOTA.

Mangaladevi Ward No 56

Mangaladevi Ward No 56 Premanand ShettyBJP’s Premanand Shetty secured the win with 2187 votes. Dinesh B Rao from the Congress secured 874 votes while N Mahesh Rao of the JD(S) secured 60 votes. As many as 17 votes went to NOTA.

Bejai Ward No 31

Bejai Ward No 31 Lancelot PintoLancelot Pinto (1939) of the Congress has secured a victory against BJP’s Prashanth Alva (1527). NOTA gets 23 votes.

Surathkal Ward No 2

Surathkal Ward No 2 Shwetha AShwetha A of the BJP wins with 2496 votes. Congress’ Indira secures 1133 votes, while 44 votes go to NOTA.

Dongerkeri Ward No 42

Dongerkeri Ward No 42 M Jayashree Kudva

M Jayashree Kudva of the BJP has won with 2140 votes while Congress’ Manjula Y Nayak has secured 696 votes. As many as 30 votes have gone to NOTA.

Padavu Ward No 21

Padavu Ward No 21 Vanitha PrasadBJP’s Vanitha Prasad has won with 1051 votes, while Congress’ Ashalatha secures 605 votes. As many as 15 votes go to NOTA.

Bangra Kulur Ward No 16 

Bangra Kulur Ward No 16 Kiran Kumar

BJP’s Kiran Kumar secures the win with 2308 votes, while Congress’ Panduranga Kukyan secures 976 votes. shekhar has secured 1003 votes, while 30 votes have gone to NOTA.

Katipalla East Ward No 3

Katipalla East Ward No 3 Lokesh Bollaje

BJP’s Lokesh Bollaje wins with 2486 votes against Congress and JD(S) candidates Bashir Ahmed (1680) and Nawaz Katipalla (484), respectively. Independent candidate Hussain Katipalla (67) was also in the fray.

Hoige Bazar Ward No 57

Hoige Bazar Ward No 57 RevathyRevathy of the BJP wins with 2116 votes against Congress’ Sharmila Sharath, who secured 1258 votes. As many as 14 votes went to NOTA.

Kannur Ward No 52

Kannur Ward No 52 ChandravathiChandravathi of the BJP wins with 1842 votes against SDPI and Congress candidates Misriya  (990) and Razia Abdul Khader (1591), respectively. 

Hosabettu Ward No 8

Hosabettu Ward No 8 Varun ChowtaVarun Chowta of BJP wins with 3030 votes against Ashok Shetty of Congress who has secured 1765 votes. JD(S)’ Ronald Fernandes has managed to get only 47 votes. NOTA gets 28 votes.

Milagres Ward No 47

Milagres Ward No 47 Abdul RaufCongress’ Abdul Rauf wins with 1702 votes against BJP Ganshyam D Acharya (957) and independent candidates Taufiq Sheikh (173) and Habib Khader (19). NOTA gets 10 votes.

Bendur Ward No 38

Bendur Ward No 38Naveen D’Souza of the Congress wins with 1582 votes against BJP’s Jessel D’Souza (760) and independent Alwyn Pinto (199). NOTA gets 10 votes.

Cantonment Ward No 46

Cantonment Ward No 46 DivakarBJP’s Divakar wins with 1793 votes against Congress’ K Bhaskar Rao (307) and independent candidate Suresh Shetty (497). NOTA gets 17 votes.

Bolur Ward No 27

Bolur Ward No 27 Jagadeesh ShettyJagadeesh Shetty of BJP wins with 2364 votes against B Kamalaksh Salian of Congress 990. M Diwaka Rao secures 54 votes and Rajkumar Kotian secures 757 votes. NOTA gets 18 votes.

Kadri North Ward No 32

Kadri North Ward No 32 Shakheela KavaShakheela Kava of the BJP wins with 1813 votes against Mamatha Shetty of the Congress, who secured 791 votes. NOTA gets 25 votes.

Panambur Ward No 11

Panambur Ward No 11 SunithaSunitha from the BJP wins with 1236 votes against Congress’ Chandrika (1081), JD(S)’ Shobha (369), CPI(M)’s Sunitha Krishna (888) and independent candidate Susheela (101). NOTA gets 20 votes.

Kudroli Ward No 43

Kudroli Ward No 43 Samshuddin

Samshuddin of the Congress wins with 1256 votes against BJP’s Arshad Popy (877), SDPI’s Muzain Kudroli (1121) and JD(S)’ Aziz Kudroli (612). NOTA gets 11 votes.

Idya West Ward No 7

Idya West Ward No 7 Nayana R KotyanNayana R Kotyan of the BJP wins with 2288 votes against Congress’ Prathibha Kulai (1710). NOTA gets 25 votes.

Bolar Ward No 58

Bolar Ward No 58 BhanumathiBhanumathi from the BJP wins with 1541 votes against Congress’ Rathikala (1348). NOTA gets 18.

Padavu East Ward 36

Padavu East Ward 36 Baskar K MoilyBhaskar K of the Congress wins with 2492 votes against BJP’s Sujan Das K (1921). NOTA gets 38 votes.

Maroli Ward No 37


Congress’ Keshava (2037 votes) defeats BJP’ Kiran Maroli (2011 votes).

Pachanady Ward No 19

Pachanady Ward No 19 Sangeetha R NayakSangeetha R Nayak from BJP wins with 2700 votes, while Vishalakshi from Congress and independent candidate Rekha Mohan managed to get 1544 and 1112, respectively.

*Please note: Sangeetha Nayak’s (born Israt Begum) candidature is disputed as it is alleged that she contested in a minority ward under a Muslim identity.

Jeppu Ward No 59

Jeppu Ward No 59 Bharath Kumar S

BJP’s Bharath Kumar S wins with 2479 votes against Congress’ T Honnaiah and JD(S)’ K Nagesh. NOTA gets 17 votes.

Katipalla North Ward No 5

Katipalla North Ward No 5 Shamshad Abubakar

SDPI’s Shamshad Abubakar wins with 2766 votes against Congress’ Fathima Umarabba (842), BJP’s Suraiya (648), independent candidates Gulzar Banu, who is also a former Mayor, (86) and Misriya (934). NOTA gets 19 votes.

Marakada Ward No 14

Marakada Ward No 14 Lohith Amin

BJP’s Lohith Amin wins with 2055 votes against former mayor and Congress candidate Harinath (1704). NOTA gets 31.

Kadri South Ward No 33

Kadri South Ward No 33 Kadri Manohar Shetty

BJP’s Kadri Manohar Shetty wins with 1526 votes against Congress’ Ashok Kumar D K (1277), independent candidates S L Pinto (33), Mavis Rodrigues (217) and Rajendra Kumar (78). NOTA gets 8 votes.

Port Ward No 45

Port Ward No 45 Abdul Latheef

Congress’ Abdul Latheef wins with 2048 votes against BJP’s Anil Kumar (1493) and independent candidate K Ashraf (252). NOTA gets 17 votes.

Kodialbail Ward No 30

Kodialbail Ward No 30 Sudheer Shetty Kannur

Sudheer Shetty Kannur of BJP wins with 1846 votes against Congress’ Prakash B Salian (1661) and JD(U)’s Supreeth Kumar Poojary Kadri (9). NOTA gets 16 votes.

Court Ward No 40

 40 Court Ward A C Vinay Raj

Congress’ A C Vinayraj wins with 1137 votes against BJP’s Ranganath C Kini (899), JD(S)’ N P Pushparajan (59) and CPI(M) Sunil Kumar Bajal (183). NOTA gets 9 votes.

Kankanady Ward No 49

Kankanady Ward No 49 Praveenchandra Alva

Congress’ Praveenchandra Alva wins with 2653 votes against BJP’s Vijaykumar Shetty (1634) and independent candidate B Vishwanath (521). NOTA gets 15 votes.

Kulai Ward No 9

Kulai Ward No 9 Janaki Yane Vedavathi

BJP’s Janaki Yane Vedavathi wins with 3140 votes against Congress’ Gayathri Aranha (768). NOTA gets 32 votes.

Attavar Ward No 55

Attavar Ward No 55 Shailesh B Shetty

BJP’s Shailesh B Shetty wins with 1854 votes against Congress’ Kirthi Raj and independent candidate Mohammad Bashir.

Baikampady Ward No 10

Baikampady Ward No 10 Sumithra Kariya

BJP’s Sumitra wins with 2002 votes against Congress’ Sudhakar (877). NOTA gets 45 votes.

Thiruvail Ward No 20

Thiruvail Ward No 20 Hemalatha Raghu Salian

BJP’s Hemalatha Raghu Salian wins with 3028 votes against Congress’ Prathibha Rajkumar Shetty (1903) and independent candidate Roylin Anitha Pereira (17). NOTA gets 35 votes.

Kunjathbail South Ward No 15

Kunjathbail South Ward No 15 Sumangala

BJP’s Sumangala wins with 3780 votes against Congress’ Shalini Naveen (1684) and CPI’s Renuka Kunjathbail (142).

Derebail West Ward No 25

Derebail West Ward No 25 Jayalakshmi V Shetty

BJP’s Jayalakshmi V Shetty wins with 2233 votes against Congress’ Roopa Chethan (1331) and CPI(M) Sunanda K (292). NOTA gets 29 votes.

Falnir Ward No 39

Falnir Ward No 39 Jacintha Vijay Alfred

Former mayor and Congress candidate Jacintha Vijay Alfred wins with 1762 votes against BJP’s Asha D’Silva (1423) and JD(S)’ Silvia Saldanha (68). NOTA gets 34 votes.

Jeppinamogaru Ward No 54

Jeppinamogaru Ward No 54 Veena Mangala

BJP’s Veena Mangala wins with 2102 votes against Congress’ Madhushree (1101) and CPI(M)’s Jayanthi B Shetty (1447). NOTA gets 37 votes.

Katipalla-Krishnapur Ward No 4 

Katipalla Krishnapur Ward No 4 Lakshmi Shekhar Devadiga

BJP’s Lakshmi Shekhar Devadiga wins with 2675 votes. Savitha Shetty of Congress backs 2127 votes.

Idya East Ward No 6 

Idya East Ward No 6 Saritha Shashidhar

BJP’s Saritha Shashidhar wins with 2233 votes. Vineetha R Rao of Congress gets 1764 votes. As many as three independents were in fray

Panjimogaru Ward No 12

Panjimogaru Ward No 12 Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar of Congress wins with 1690 votes. BJP’s Naveenchandra B Poojary gave a tough fight and bagged 1359 votes. Basheer Ahmed of the CPI(M) bagged 569 votes and Mohammed Haneef of SDPI gets 321 votes.

Kunjathbail North Ward No 13 

Kunjathbail North Ward No 13 Sharath Kumar

Sharath Kumar from BJP won with 2950 votes. K Mohammed of Congress bagged 1709 votes.

Derebail North Ward No 17 

Derebail North Ward No 17 Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar of BJP wins with 2142 votes. Mallikarjuna of Congress bags 1369 votes.

Kavoor Ward 18

Kavoor Ward 18 Gayathri A

Gayathri A from BJP bagged 3296 votes as against Congress’ Bhavya Poojary who bagged 1725 votes.

Kadri Padavu Ward 22 

Kadri Padavu Ward 22 Jayananda Anchan

BJP’s Jayananda Anchan won with 2484 votes, while Umesh Dandekeri of Congress bagged 1963 votes.

Derebail East Ward 23 

Rajani Kotian of BJP wins with 2849 votes. Jyothi L Devadiga of Congress bagged 1583 votes.

Derebail South Ward 24 

Derebail South Ward 24 M Sashidar Hegde

Former mayor M Shashidhar Hegde continued his winning streak with yet another victory. He bagged 2235 votes as against BJP’s Charith Kumar who bagged 1908 votes.

Derebail South West Ward No 26

 Derebail South West Ward No 26 Ganesh Kulal

BJP’s Ganesh bagged 3052 votes as against Congress’ Padmanabha Amin who lagged behind at 1275 votes.

Mannagudda Ward No 28 

Mannagudda Ward No 28 Sandhya

BJP’s Sandhya bagged 3019 votes against Congress’ Meghana Das who put up a poor show and bagged 698 votes. Das, a zomato delivery girl tried her luck in electoral politics for the first time.

Kambla Ward 29

Kambla Ward 29 Leelavathi

BJP’s Leelavathi gets 1884 votes as against Congress candidate Rekha Surekha, who bagged 518 votes.

Shivbhag Ward No 34 

Shivbhag Ward No 34 Kavya Nataraj Alva

Kavya Natraj Alva from BJP wins with 1731 votes against Congress’ Kiran James, who bagged 1690 votes. 

Bunder Ward No 44

Bunder Ward No 44 Zeenath Samshuddin

Zeenath Samshuddin of Congress wins with 1308 votes. JDS candidate Rameeza Naseer bagged 1150 votes while BJP’s Priyanka bagged 1281 votes.

Kankanady, Valencia Ward No 48

Kankanady, Valencia Ward No 48 Sandeep Garodi

BJP’s Sandeep bagged 1425 votes as against Ashith G Pereira of Congress who bagged 1271 votes

Alape South Ward No 50

Alape South Ward No 50 Shobha Poojary

Shobha Poojary of BJP registers victory with 2269 votes. Sesamma of Congress bagged 1576 votes

Alape North Ward No 51

 Alape North Ward No 51 Roopashree Poojary

Roopashree Poojary of BJP wins with 2083 votes. While Shobha of Congress gave a neck to neck fight who bagged 2007 votes.

Bajal Ward No 53

Bajal Ward No 53 Ashraf

Ashraf of Congress won with 1660 votes. Chandrashekhar of BJP bags 1476 votes. Riaz of JD(S) gets 361, Suresh Bajal of CPI(M) gets 753, A Kabir of SDPI gets 835 and NOTA get 25 votes.

Bengre Ward No 60

Bengre Ward No 60 Muneeb Bengre of SDPI

In a surprising victory, Muneeb Bengre of SDPI trounced BJP and Congress candidates and registers victory with 1701 votes. Congress- Asif Ahmed (1192); BJP Gangadhar Salain (1498); Independent Mohammad Abdul Rehman (340); NOTA (33).

Padavu Central Ward No 35

Padavu Central Ward No 35 Kishore Kottary

Kishore Kottari of the BJP wins with 2200 votes against Congress candidate and former mayor Abdul K Aziz (610) and independent candidate S Sudhakar Jogi (1529). NOTA gets 30 votes.


  • BJP workers celebrated the party’s victory after securing a win in four wards.
  • Security has been beefed up in front of the Rosario School, which is the counting Centre.
  • BJP inches towards a massive majority in the party’s state president’s home-town.
  • Congress candidate for the Kampli Town Municipal Council, Ward No 8, Rajesh is getting married today, as it is the counting day for the ULB elections across the state.
  • BJP’s Shwetha, who won in the Suratkal East Ward No 2, celebrated her victory with her supporters.
  • Rajugoudappa Gola of Congress wins with a margin of 139 votes in the Bagalkot Mahalingapura Municipal Corporation by-polls in Ward No 17.
  • BJP wins 40 seats, Congress- 18 and SDPI- 2.
  • Mother-son duo from BJP loses election in Kampli Municipal Corporation Ward Nos 4 and 5.
  • MCC Results: BJP 44, Congress 14, SDPI 2.
  • Kolar City Municipal Council sees hung results. Out of 35 wards, Congress and independents get 12 each. BJP gets 3. JD(S) gets 8.
  • Magadi Town Municipal Council: JD(S) emerges victorious with 12 seats. Congress manages to win 10, while BJP settles with 1 seat.
  • Davangere City Corporation sees hung results.
  • Gouribidanur City Municipal Council: Out of 31 wards, Congress wins 15, BJP 3, JD(S) 7 and independents 6.
  • Chintamani City Municipal Council sees hung results. Bharatiya Praja Party  (BPP) and JD(S) win 14 seats each. Congress 1 and independents win 2.
  • Kanakapura completes counting process within one hour, the fastest timing yet. Congress wins 26 (of which 7 are unanimous). JD(S) wins 4 and BJP 1.
  • Kampli Town Municipal Council: BJP emerges victorious with 13 seats. Congress gets 10. Candidate who got married on counting day, loses by 11 votes.
  • Kudligi Town Panchayat: BJP wins with 7 seats. Congress gets 6, JD(S) 4 and independents 3.
  • Mulabagilu City Municipal Council sees hung result. Congress gets 7, BJP gets 2, SDPI gets 1 and independents get 11 seats.
  • Davangere City Corporation: Congress wins with 22 seats, BJP gets 17, JD(S) 1 and independents get 5 seats.
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