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Dharwad’s Alphonso Mangoes: A Growing Global Delight

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Dharwad, a district in north Karnataka renowned for its milk peda and Dharwad Aposa, boasts a unique treasure among its mango groves: the famed Alphonso mango. While mangoes are ubiquitous, the Alphonso variety cultivated in Dharwad stands out for its exceptional quality.


Emerging Demand from America

Traditionally sought after in Saudi countries, this year sees a new demand emerging from America, marking a significant milestone for Dharwad’s Aposa mangoes. In recent years, the Alphonso mangoes from Dharwad have long been renowned, primarily distributed within the country and exported to Saudi Arabia. However, a fresh opportunity has arisen, with American cities expressing interest in these delectable fruits.

First Export to America

In a pivotal moment for Dharwad’s mango industry, a group of five Americans visited the orchards of Pramod Gaonkar near Kalikeri village last month to inspect the fruits firsthand. Impressed by the quality, they promptly placed an order for 5 tons of mangoes, underscoring the growing global appeal of Dharwad’s produce. The journey from Dharwad to America begins with the fruits being transported to Mumbai, where stringent quality checks ensure only the finest specimens are selected for export.

Pride and Joy for Farmers

For Pramod Gaonkar, whose mango plantation spans 50 acres, this marks a moment of pride as his fruits take flight to foreign shores, a testament to his dedication and innovation in agricultural practices. The demand for Aposa mangoes extends beyond international borders, with local markets witnessing a surge in sales as well.

Abundant Harvest Signals Prosperity

With tens of quintals of fruit entering the market daily, the abundant harvest signals a prosperous season for Dharwad’s mango farmers. After several years of challenges affecting mango yields, this season’s crop stands out as one of the best in recent memory, bringing joy to farmers and consumers alike.

A Moment of Celebration

As Dharwad’s mangoes find new admirers around the world, it’s a moment of celebration for the region’s agricultural community. The export of Alphonso mangoes to America marks not only a significant economic opportunity but also a recognition of the exceptional quality of produce from Dharwad.

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