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Rise of Avocado Cultivation in Madikeri: Replacement for Coorg Mandarin

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In Madikeri, the cultivation of butter fruit, also known as avocado, is gaining momentum, signaling a potential shift in agricultural dynamics. With avocados commanding favorable prices in the market, there is speculation that butter fruit may soon overshadow the traditional Coorg mandarin crop.

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The decline of Kodagu’s orange cultivation, historically grown alongside coffee, has paved the way for the rise of butter fruit cultivation. The number of butter fruit growers in the district is steadily increasing, with approximately 1000 acres already dedicated to avocado cultivation, a figure that continues to rise annually.

Avocado’s popularity extends beyond local markets, with high demand observed nationwide. Nursery establishments in Nellihudikeri, Siddapur, Chettalli, Ponnathmotte, Kandakare, Bhutanakadu, and Suntikoppa are witnessing significant demand for grafted butterfruit plants, fetching up to Rs 100 per plant.

The investment in transplanted avocado plants proves lucrative, with harvests achievable within two to three years. Presently, butter fruit harvesting has commenced in the district, coinciding with the summer season, driving up demand with prices ranging from Rs 150 to 200 per kilogram.


Butter fruit offers the advantage of two harvests annually, from June to September and February to May. While the June to September harvest witnesses lower demand due to market saturation, February to May experiences heightened interest, particularly in Kodagu. However, increased supply from Tamil Nadu has caused a temporary dip in avocado prices.

Originating from the Americas, butter fruit found its way to India during the colonial era, with significant research and development efforts commencing around 2005. The introduction of varieties like ‘Haas’ fueled increased demand and large-scale production.

Amidst rising competition among traders, Kodagu’s butter fruit is gaining prominence, fetching prices of up to Rs 150 per kilogram. With demand expected to remain robust for the next month or two, the butter fruit industry in Madikeri holds promising prospects for growers and traders alike.

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