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River Rafting Resumes in Dubare as Kaveri River Flows Increase

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Following frequent rains in the Kaveri river, which had previously dried up due to a lack of rainfall, the water flow has surged, leading to the relaunch of river rafting activities in Dubare.


The tourist influx to Dubare had been dwindling for the past month and a half due to the drying up of the Kaveri river. However, the recent rainy weather has brought relief, attracting tourists, especially during the summer vacation season. With the rising water levels in the river, still water water sports have commenced, allowing tourists to enjoy raft boat rides along the river.

Looking ahead, plans are underway to introduce white water adventure sports once there is substantial rainfall. C.L., the President of Nanjarayapatna Gram and Chairman of the River Rafting Supervisory Committee, expressed optimism about the prospects of expanding water sports activities in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has forecasted further rainfall in several districts, including Kodagu, Bangalore, and Shimoga, until May 23. This bodes well for agricultural activities in Kodagu, where farmers are gearing up for the monsoon season after experiencing a drought last year. Expectations are high for a successful sowing season, with over 90% sowing anticipated due to favorable rainfall predictions.

In May, the district has experienced heavy rainfall, a stark contrast to the scanty rainfall observed in the preceding months. This turnaround in weather conditions has been a welcome relief for farmers and residents alike, signaling a promising start to the monsoon season and potentially leading to a prosperous harvest ahead.

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