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Forest Department Takes Measures to Control Elephant Menace in Villages

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In response to the escalating threat posed by elephants encroaching into border villages and wreaking havoc on crops, the forest department has taken proactive measures to mitigate the issue.


Repairing and Reinforcing Solar Fencing: Recognizing the urgency of the situation, forest department officials have repaired broken solar fencing poles, installed batteries, and strengthened electrical connections to prevent elephants from crossing into inhabited areas. The installation of batteries aims to deliver electric shocks to deter elephants from venturing beyond the forest borders. Additionally, damaged solar fencing poles have been repaired to bolster their effectiveness.

Shock-Based Deterrent: By electrifying the wires connected to the solar fencing, the forest department ensures that elephants and wild boars receive a shock upon contact, prompting them to retreat. This shock-based deterrent mechanism aims to dissuade animals from re-entering the protected areas.

Enhanced Night Patrols: To supplement these preventive measures, the forest department has increased nightly patrols in forested regions. Staff members conduct regular patrols and report their findings to superiors, ensuring constant vigilance over elephant movements.

Community Engagement and Awareness: The forest department engages with local communities through WhatsApp groups and social networking platforms, providing updates on forest animal movements and advising caution in areas prone to wildlife encounters. Farmers are advised to remain vigilant and report any sightings or incidents promptly.

Strategic Firecracker Use: Upon detecting elephant movement towards border villages, forest officials deploy firecrackers to deter the animals and guide them back towards the forested areas.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adaptation: Forest department officials maintain regular visits to border villages, closely monitoring staff behavior and implementing necessary adjustments to enhance elephant control measures. Despite these efforts, concerns persist over the intrusion of wild boars into border villages and the consequent destruction of crops.

Through these comprehensive measures, the forest department endeavors to safeguard both farmers’ livelihoods and wildlife habitats, fostering coexistence between humans and elephants in border regions.

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