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Medical Negligence: Cloth Left Inside Woman’s Stomach During Surgery

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A grave error occurred during an operation at Kolar District Hospital, where doctors inadvertently left a 3-foot-long cloth inside a woman’s stomach during surgery. The incident occurred on May 5, prompting outrage and allegations of medical negligence.


District hospital doctor Nagaveni disclosed the error, stating that the mistake occurred during the surgical procedure on Chandrika, a resident of Ramasagar in Malur taluk of Kolar district, who sought treatment for a health issue. Following treatment at a private hospital, Chandrika was referred to the district hospital, where surgeon Dr. Vijay performed the surgery. Subsequently, Chandrika’s husband, Rajesh, lodged a complaint against Dr. Vijay.

The negligence displayed by the doctor has sparked outrage among the woman’s relatives, who are demanding accountability for the oversight.

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