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“If Modi Wins Again, He’ll Construct His Own Temple”: Minister Tangadagi

Shivaraj Tangadagi

Koppal: Minister Shivaraj Tangadagi remarked that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi secures a third term and returns to power, it wouldn’t be surprising if he decides to build his own temple. Tangadagi made these comments while speaking to reporters in Karatagi on Saturday.


He pointed to recent statements made by the Prime Minister, suggesting that it’s apparent Modi would consider erecting a temple for himself if he were to win a third term. Tangadagi ridiculed Modi’s recent remark about not being biological and being sent by God for a purpose.

Criticizing the Prime Minister, Tangadagi emphasized that the Modi-led government had failed to fulfill the promises it made over the last decade.

Tangadagi had previously made headlines for urging people to slap those who raise slogans in favor of Modi.


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