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Koppal: Three Members of a Family Found Dead, Murder Suspected

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Koppal : Three members of the same family were found dead under suspicious circumstances in Hosalingapur of Koppal taluk on Tuesday. The deceased are Rajeshwari (50), her daughter Vasantha (28), and Vasantha’s son Saidharmathej (5).


Vasantha, was married two years ago to a man in Nandyala village in Andhra Pradesh.She had been living in a rented house in Hosalingapur with her mother and son. She was employed at a dolls making factory near Hosalingapur and had been married to a co-worker from a different religion. 

The tragic incident came to light on May 28 when Rajeshwari’s other daughter, unable to reach her mother by phone on the previous night, visited the house early in the morning. She discovered the bodies of Rajeshwari and Saidharmathej in the bedroom and Vasantha’s body in the kitchen. 

Munirabad station police  conducted a preliminary investigation and recorded the necessary information. The nature of the deaths has raised suspicions of foul play, and further investigation is ongoing to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

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