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Sacred Gifts Presented for Sri Lanka’s Sita Devi Temple from Anjandari

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Bengaluru:  The Art of Living Foundation, headquartered in Bengaluru, has completed the renovation of the historic Sita Devi temple in Sri Lanka. The temple is scheduled for a grand re-inauguration ceremony this month, according to a news report by a Kannada news portal.


Ahead of the ceremony, Art of Living trustee Keloji Santosh presented a collection of holy items to Santosh Srinivasalu and his wife, both members of the foundation. The collection includes sacred soil from the Kishkinda Anjanadri, a saree for Sita Devi offered by the Anjanadri temple, a statue of Hanuman, and holy water from the Tungabhadra River.

The re-inauguration ceremony is expected to be a significant event, drawing dignitaries from across India and abroad. Among the attendees will be Dr. Ravishankar Guruji, the spiritual leader of the Art of Living Foundation, and prominent Hindu religious leaders.

This renovation project by the Art of Living Foundation marks a significant development for the Hindu community in Sri Lanka.

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