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Man Stabs 20 Year Old Neighbour As a Response to Being Rejected

In Hubbali, Karnataka, a 20-year-old lady was fatally stabbed, apparently as a result of turning down a neighbor’s advances. Girish Sawant, 21, allegedly entered Anjali Ambigera’s home this morning while she was sleeping and repeatedly stabbed her with a knife. Police are searching for Sawant, who is currently evading them.


It has come to light that Anjali had been pushed by Girish to initiate a romantic relationship, but she had declined. The attack was started by this. When police went to the victim’s house, they found her body. Her relatives can be seen in heartbreaking images weeping as the body is removed for an autopsy.

Gopal Byakod, the head of Hubbali-Dharwad police, stated that the murder was reported in the village of Veerapur Oni. “We have filed a complaint and are carrying out additional research to determine the cause of this unfortunate event. To capture the offender, a team has been assembled,” he declared.

This occurs little than a month after Hubbali was present for the horrifying college campus murder of 23-year-old Neha Hiremath at the hands of her former classmate Fayaz Khondunaik.

Neha was repeatedly stabbed by Fayaz on the campus. Upon being taken to a hospital, she was pronounced deceased. According to a senior officer, the attacker admitted to police during questioning that he was seeing Neha, but she had abruptly stopped seeing him.


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