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Aysha Merchant Secures 3rd Rank in Interior Design at Mangalore University

Aysha Merchant Secures 3rd Rank In Interior Design At Mangalore University

Aysha Merchant, a student of Indian Design School, has achieved the remarkable feat of securing the 3rd rank in the Interior Design course at Mangalore University. Her accomplishment underscores her dedication, creativity, and pursuit of excellence in the field of interior design.


Journey to Success

Aysha’s journey in interior design began with a passion for crafting aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Throughout her academic tenure, she consistently demonstrated exceptional attention to detail and a profound grasp of design principles, earning acclaim from peers and faculty alike.

Recognition and Opportunities

Participation in design competitions and workshops further honed Aysha’s skills, distinguishing her as a standout student. The 3rd rank at Mangalore University opens doors to myriad opportunities in the interior design industry, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Gratitude and Future Aspirations

Aysha expressed gratitude to her support system—family, friends, and mentors—for their unwavering encouragement. As she embarks on the next chapter of her career, Aysha aims to blend academic knowledge with practical experience to create unique, sustainable, and innovative designs that enrich lives and communities.

Inspiration and Pride

Aysha Merchant’s achievement reflects the quality of education at Indian Design School and serves as inspiration to aspiring students in the creative arts. Her success is a source of pride for both the institution and Mangalore University.

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