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Belthangady: Shocking Incident of Goat Beheadings Linked to Witchcraft


Belthangady: In a bizarre and disturbing incident, the heads of 25 goats were found severed and placed with photographs of 25 people from the taluk at an estate gate in Gardadi village. Locals suspect that the gruesome act is linked to witchcraft.


The beheaded goats were discovered inside the estate gate, and residents immediately alerted the police. Law enforcement officials arrived promptly at the scene and have begun an investigation to gather more details about the case.

Among the 25 goats, three were identified as indigenous breeds. The goats, which were stolen three days prior to the incident, were reportedly taken from their usual grazing area. The owner, who had cared for the goats like children, was devastated upon discovering their fate.

The community is in shock, with residents demanding a thorough investigation and severe punishment for those responsible. The act has not only caused emotional distress but has also raised concerns about the potential involvement of malevolent practices such as witchcraft.

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