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Changes to Mangaluru-Bengaluru Air Route Schedule

Changes To Mangaluru Bengaluru Air Route Schedule

The Mangaluru-Bengaluru air route, known as one of the busiest domestic routes, is undergoing adjustments in flight schedules. Here’s an update on the recent changes:


Reduction in Daily Flights

Starting from June 1 to 15, the number of daily flights between Mangaluru and Bengaluru will decrease from seven to five. Air India Express (AIE) and IndiGo, the two primary operators on this route, will be adjusting their services accordingly.

Temporary Flight Suspension

AIE has temporarily withdrawn one of its flights, while IndiGo will reduce its daily flights from five to four starting June 1. AIE’s operations are expected to resume from June 16, coinciding with adjustments in IndiGo’s schedule.

Impact on Jeddah Flights

Additionally, AIE, which recently launched direct flights between Mangaluru and Jeddah in April, has temporarily suspended these services from this week. However, operations are slated to resume from June 12.

Reasons and Speculations

Sources attribute the adjustments to the ongoing crisis and potential seasonal factors affecting passenger flow. Despite reductions, flights will continue to utilize Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft for IndiGo, while AIE operates the Boeing 737 Max.

Future Plans and Clarifications

IndiGo plans to resume operations with reduced flights from August 1, although no official reasons for the withdrawal of one flight have been disclosed. Speculations suggest considerations of the traditionally lean travel period in June and July.

As the situation evolves, Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) remains committed to providing efficient air services, catering to passenger needs while adapting to changing demands.

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