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Charmadi Ghat: Motorists’ Fear Escalates as Elephants Roam Freely

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In the past two days, Charmadi Ghat has become a nerve-wracking ordeal for motorists as elephants make unexpected appearances along the road, posing a significant hazard.


The unsettling presence of these animals has instilled fear among motorists, particularly after nightfall, prompting them to avoid traversing the route during darker hours. Many have appealed to the forest department to intervene and relocate the elephants to mitigate the risks associated with their unexpected encounters.

The situation has escalated to the point where motorists find themselves stranded for hours on the highway, fearing for their safety amidst the growing menace of wildfires in the vicinity.

Adding to the apprehension, sightings of elephants in the vicinity of Charmadi Ghat’s treacherous turns have only exacerbated the already precarious conditions for motorists. This heightened sense of vulnerability underscores the urgent need for intervention to ensure the safety of all road users.

Charmadi Ghat serves as a vital link between Chikkamagaluru and Dakshina Kannada district, witnessing heavy traffic flow on a daily basis. The current predicament has left motorists grappling with anxiety and uncertainty, highlighting the imperative for swift and decisive action to address the emerging threats along this crucial highway.

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