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Dr Dhananjaya Sarji Reacts on Peace March, Says He is a RSS Member

Dr Dhananjaya Sarji

Mangaluru: In response to allegations that BJP candidate for the South West Graduate constituency, Dr. Dhananjaya Sarji, participated in a peace walk during the murder of Hindu activist Harsha with communist leaders through his Sarji Foundation, he stated that he was a RSS volunteer during his school days and joined as a volunteer from the Basaveshwara branch.


Speaking to reporters here on Sunday, Sarji addressed the accusations leveled against him by former BJP MLA and independent candidate from the constituency, Raghupathi Bhat.

He asserted that he had served the Sangha in various capacities and mentioned that he became an OTC in the Sangha 30 years ago in Puttur. Sarji also highlighted his role as chief teacher in the Sangha, emphasizing his efficient discharge of duties. “I have been an RSS member for a long time and served as the president of Sangha’s Vikas Trust,” he added.

Sarji claimed that Harsha from Shivamogga and his family members were close to him, and stated that the peace walk was organized to bring together people from all walks of life, organizations, and religious leaders.

Regarding his tenure in the BJP, Sarji mentioned being relatively junior but emphasized his 36-year involvement in the RSS and Sangha. “We have been providing free treatment to full-time RSS workers in our hospital for the past 10 years,” he noted. He also emphasized his tireless work for the party and the Sangha, stating that he possesses strong organizational skills and is unfazed by any allegations against him.

He clarified that his candidacy was the result of a decision from the party’s senior leadership. “Whether labeled as an RSS Quota man or a BJP Quota man, I am the candidate for the South West Graduate constituency,” he affirmed.


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