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Indian Red Cross Society to Inaugurate Centenary Building in Mangaluru

Indian Red Cross Society To Inaugurate Centenary Building In Mangaluru

Shantaram Shetty, the chairman of the Indian Red Cross Society in Mangaluru, announced that the construction of the centenary building near the deputy commissioner’s office is nearing completion. Here’s an overview of the forthcoming facility:

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New Infrastructure for Community Welfare

The three-floor building, spanning 16,000 square feet, is expected to be finalized within the next six months. Upon completion, it will be dedicated to public service.

Facilities and Features

Deputy Commissioner Mullai Muhilan MP inspected the ongoing construction, highlighting key features such as an auditorium with a seating capacity for 280 individuals and a dedicated lounge for senior citizens. Additionally, the building will house a room for disaster management training sessions and materials storage.


Enhanced Services for the Underprivileged

Once operational, the Indian Red Cross Society’s Mangaluru chapter intends to extend its support to patients with below poverty line (BPL) cards undergoing treatment at private hospitals. This initiative includes providing free blood services, a service currently offered at the Government Lady Goschen Hospital premises.

Community Impact and Outreach

The existing blood bank at Lady Goschen Hospital caters to an average of 20-25 deliveries daily, distributing approximately 500 units of blood per month. The expansion of services to the new facility underscores the organization’s commitment to serving the community and addressing healthcare needs.

As the construction progresses, the Indian Red Cross Society’s Mangaluru chapter looks forward to enhancing its outreach and providing vital services to those in need.

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