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Kerala-Origin Counterfeit Currency Operation Foiled by Bantwal Police

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In a swift operation, the Bantwal city police intercepted a suspiciously parked car along the B C Road on May 10, unraveling a counterfeit currency exchange scheme. The diligent efforts of Police Sub-Inspector Ramakrishna and his team led to the apprehension of two individuals and the confiscation of 506 fake Indian currency notes.


Arrest and Confiscation

The individuals apprehended were identified as Mohammed C A (61) and Kamarunnisa (41), both hailing from Choori in Koodlu village, Kasaragod district, Kerala. Despite the escape of another accomplice named Sharif, the police managed to seize 46 counterfeit notes with a face value of Rs 500 each, along with Rs 5300 in cash and three mobile phone handsets from the scene.

Modus Operandi Revealed

During interrogation, the arrested individuals confessed to their involvement in the counterfeit currency exchange operation. They divulged that they procured the fake notes from Kerala and utilized them to make purchases at local petty shops. Operating primarily with Rs 500 counterfeit notes, they would exchange them for genuine currency before returning to Kerala.

Police Action and Recognition

SP C B Rishyant commended the efforts of the police team, led by Inspector Anant Padmanabha, in swiftly cracking the case. As a token of appreciation, a cash prize was announced for their exemplary work.


The prompt action by the Bantwal city police not only thwarted the illicit activities of the counterfeit currency exchange syndicate but also underscored their commitment to maintaining law and order in the region.

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