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Mangalore Sets Record with Marine Product Exports in 2023-24

Mangalore Sets Record With Marine Product Exports In 2023 24 (1)

In a remarkable achievement, India exported a total of 17.81 lakh tonnes of marine products worth ₹60,523 crore during the financial year 2023-24. This figure represents a record high for the country’s marine exports.

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*Key Highlights:*
– *Chilled Prawns and Fish:* Chilled prawns and fish continue to be the major export products. The United States and China remain significant importers of Indian seafood.
– *Export Volume Growth:* India’s export volume increased by 2.67 percent in 2023-24 compared to the previous year. In 2022-23, the country exported 17.35 lakh tonnes of marine products worth ₹63,969 crore.
– *Top Exporter of Chilled Shrimp:* India remains the top exporter of chilled shrimp, earning ₹40,013 crore in foreign exchange. Shrimp exports accounted for 40.19 percent of the total export volume and 66.12 percent of the total dollar earnings.
– *Tiger Prawns:* The export volume of tiger prawns increased by an impressive 24.91 percent. A total of 38,987 tonnes of tiger prawns, valued at ₹2,855 crore, were exported.
– *Chilled Fish and Other Products:* Chilled fish contributed ₹5,509 crore in foreign exchange. Additionally, exports of fishmeal, feed, dried products, and other marine items generated a revenue of ₹3,684.79 crore.
– *Other Notable Exports:* Chilled Bondas recorded foreign exchange of ₹3,061 crore. Surimi and Surimi-based products saw a growth of 4.12 percent, while Kappe Bondas products generated ₹2,252 crore in revenue. The release also highlighted increased income from exports of chilled fish, octopus, fish oil, live fish, horn prawns, and fish maws.


This achievement underscores India’s prominence in the global seafood market and reflects the resilience of its marine export industry.

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