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MCC Ends Water Rationing as Thumbe Dam Reaches Adequate Levels

Mangaluru City Corporation Ends Water Rationing As Thumbe Dam Reaches Adequate Levels

The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) has ceased the rationing of water supply to its residents as the inflow into the Thumbe dam, situated across the Nethravathi River, has increased, announced MCC commissioner Anand CL.


He stated that on Wednesday, the water level in the Thumbe dam reached 5.9 meters, nearing its maximum storage capacity of 6 meters. Additionally, the MCC has opted to partially open two gates of the dam starting Wednesday.

With recent rainfall in the region, the inflow into the Thumbe dam, which serves as a vital source of drinking water for Mangaluru city, Ullal, and Mulki, has seen a notable rise. Previously, the MCC had implemented water rationing, supplying water to 60 wards on alternate days since May 5 due to a significant decline in the dam’s water level.

Approximately 160 million liters per day (MLD) of water are pumped from the Thumbe dam to cater to the water needs of Mangaluru city, Ullal, and Mulki.

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