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Raghupati Bhat Expresses Disappointment Over BJP Decision

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Former MLA Raghupati Bhat has voiced his disappointment over not receiving a ticket from the BJP for the South West graduates constituency. Addressing the media at the Press Club in Mangaluru, Bhat expressed sadness at the perceived injustice from both national and state BJP leaders towards the twin districts. Despite his disappointment, he announced his candidacy as an independent candidate, urging voters to support him in the upcoming elections on June 3.


Bhat recounted his political journey since 2001 and highlighted his efforts in constituency development during his tenure as an MLA. He emphasized his commitment to serving the people and cited various initiatives, including the Sadaka Shikshaka Prasasti and the establishment of the Yaksha Shikshana Trust, aimed at promoting education and preserving cultural traditions.

While acknowledging the challenges he faced within the party, Bhat reiterated his loyalty to the BJP and expressed his intention to rejoin and strengthen the party after the elections. He emphasized his decision to contest as an independent was driven by a desire to work for the people, rather than engaging in party politics.

Responding to questions from the media about his association with the BJP and contesting without a party symbol, Bhat remained resolute in his decision, stating his satisfaction in helping Narendra Modi secure another term as Prime Minister. He criticized the BJP’s decision-making process and lamented the lack of consideration for the concerns of the people of Mangaluru and Udupi.

Despite the challenges ahead, Bhat remains committed to representing the interests of the people and promised to be an active MLC, advocating for guest lecturers and graduates’ issues.

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