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Remembering the Tragic Air Crash at Mangaluru International Airport

Remembering The Tragic Air Crash At Mangaluru International Airport

Today marks the 14th anniversary of the tragic air crash at Mangaluru International Airport, which claimed the lives of 158 individuals on May 22, 2010. Among the 166 passengers aboard Air India Express Flight 812, only eight survived, making it one of India’s deadliest air accidents and the first fatal incident involving Air India Express.


Investigations revealed that the crash resulted from the captain’s decision to proceed with an unstabilized approach despite the first officer’s calls for a ‘go around.’ This led to overshooting the runway, causing the aircraft to plunge down a hillside and ignite in flames. The Mangaluru airport’s relatively short runway posed challenges, requiring flights to utilize short-field performance packages for landing.

The aircraft involved, a Boeing 737-800NG(SFP), was en route from Dubai International Airport. Despite landing clearance given at 2,000 feet, it began its descent from 5,200 feet, leaving insufficient stopping distance. The plane overran the runway, collided with antennas, and ultimately caught fire as it slid down the hill.

Following the tragedy, then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced compensation of Rs 2 lakh for the families of the deceased and Rs 50,000 for the injured. Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa also pledged Rs 2 lakh to the families of the deceased, with the Civil Aviation Ministry advising the airline to provide up to Rs 72 lakh to each victim’s family. The events surrounding the crash were detailed in an episode of the series “Aircrash Confidential” titled “Pilot Fatigue.”

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