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Schools in Mangaluru Await Guest Teacher Recruitment for New Academic Year

Schools In Mangaluru Await Guest Teacher Recruitment For New Academic Year

With just a week remaining until the reopening of schools for the academic year 2024-25, government schools in Mangaluru are yet to see the recruitment of guest teachers. Urging the state government for prompt action, schools seek the appointment of guest teachers to ensure regular classes without disruptions.


In the previous academic year, Dakshina Kannada district saw the recruitment of 1,309 guest teachers, including 254 for high schools. However, with the recent permanent appointment of graduate primary teachers, totaling more than 418 candidates, and ongoing court proceedings for another 40-plus candidates, the numbers are subject to change.

Venkatesha Subraya Patagara, the deputy director of public instruction (DDPI) of Dakshina Kannada, explained the current situation, stating that official communication regarding guest teacher recruitment is awaited. The department is compiling data on the total requirement of guest teachers in each Block Education Office (BEO) of the district, emphasizing the need for a swift announcement of recruitment.

HR Eshwara, BEO of South limits, highlighted the need for 60-plus primary and 46 high school guest teachers in their jurisdiction for the upcoming academic year, awaiting official permission for recruitment.

Last year, guest teacher recruitment was typically completed by the first week of June. However, this year’s process faces delays due to factors like the Model Code of Conduct and ongoing elections. Education department sources stress the government’s need to prioritize this matter.

School teachers emphasize the importance of completing the recruitment process promptly to ensure a smooth academic year. Additionally, they urge the government to release salaries on time. Currently, guest teachers in primary and high schools receive Rs 10,000 and Rs 10,500, respectively.

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