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Siddaramaiah Slams BJP, Says Its Leaders Lack Understanding of Economics

Siddaramaiah (3)

Mangaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has criticized the opposition BJP, stating that its leaders lack understanding of both budgetary matters and economics. He made these remarks while addressing reporters on Tuesday before departing to participate in the Uttar Kriya rituals for the recently passed away Congress former MLA, K Vasant Bangera.


Responding to questions regarding the BJP’s claims of stalled development works during his tenure, Siddaramaiah stated, “It has been a year since the government assumed power. We have consistently apprised the public of our achievements. The BJP consistently peddles falsehoods. For instance, funding for irrigation projects has increased from Rs 16,000 crore to Rs 18,000 crore. How can they claim we have achieved nothing?”

“We have allocated a budget of Rs 1,20,000 crores, inclusive of guarantees. The BJP fails to comprehend the budget or grasp economic principles. They assert there has been no development. Is it not developmental progress to provide financial stability to the underprivileged?” Siddaramaiah concluded before leaving, declining further questions.


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