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Super Mom 2024 Celebrates A Heartfelt Tribute to Motherhood

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Mangaluru: Amidst an atmosphere filled with gratitude, grandeur, and boundless fun, Super Mom 2024 stole the spotlight in a celebration that promises to linger in memory! BON SUPER MOM, graciously sponsored by BON Masala & Food Products, ELC India, CFAL India, and Kasharp Fitness powered by CaratLane, orchestrated a breathtaking event that left a lasting impression on all attendees.


 The resounding applause echoing through the hall extends heartfelt congratulations to the extraordinary mothers who poured their hearts into this event. Special recognition is reserved for the top 20 finalists who dedicated over a week to preparation, gracing the ramp with grace alongside their little ones.

 In a moment of triumph, Sharmila Rao emerges as Super Mom 2024, while Dalia Dsouza and Smitha Dsouza clinch the esteemed titles of runners-up! Gratitude flows towards the esteemed panel of judges, Dr Malini Hebbar, Dr Nishita Shettian Fernandes, and Priya Monica from Madhyama Kutumba, whose presence infused the event with reverence.

 The dynamic emcee, Madhura R.J., whose infectious energy kept spirits soaring throughout the proceedings. The stage adorned with the support of our esteemed partners created an atmosphere of unity and celebration.

 Yet amidst the dazzle and glamour, let’s not overlook the true heroes of the evening—the remarkable mothers of MOM. Their unwavering support and participation were the heartbeat of the event, propelling it to unprecedented success.

 As the curtains close on this unforgettable celebration, MOM looks forward with resolve and purpose. With a burgeoning community of 42,000 mothers from the region, MOM endeavors to broaden its social footprint, fostering support and camaraderie through various services offered on its online platform. Join us in this empowering journey, where every mother’s contribution makes a profound difference in the lives of others. Let’s continue to shine together, one MOM at a time.

Report by : Lyvia Cardoza, Community Manager, MOM

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