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Violent Rivalry Erupts in Kumta Over Romantic Dispute

Violent Rivalry Erupts In Kumta Over Romantic Dispute

A disturbing incident of violent confrontation has shaken Kumta, involving the arrest of 27-year-old Rajesh Ramesh Ambiga from Hegade Chittikambi village. The Kumta Police took Rajesh into custody for allegedly assaulting 27-year-old Santhosh Panduranga Ambiga at Manki Maidan.


Clash Stemming from Romantic Discord

The altercation stemmed from a tumultuous romantic entanglement. Reports suggest that a young woman, previously involved with Rajesh, terminated their relationship due to dissatisfaction with his conduct. Subsequently, she entered into a relationship with her cousin Santhosh, opting to marry him. This decision reportedly incensed Rajesh.

Violent Confrontation Unfolds

In a premeditated encounter near the library at Manki Maidan, Rajesh confronted Santhosh. The altercation escalated rapidly, with Rajesh allegedly throwing chilli powder into Santhosh’s face and subsequently stabbing him in the neck with a knife as Santhosh attempted to escape. Santhosh sustained severe injuries and was promptly transported to the government hospital for medical attention.

Legal Action and Arrest

Following the harrowing incident, a formal complaint prompted the Kumta Police to initiate an investigation. This led to Rajesh’s arrest as the primary suspect in the assault case.

The Kumta community grapples with shock and concern over the disturbing escalation of violence, underscoring the need for swift and decisive legal intervention to uphold peace and safety within the region.

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