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MyMUL Promotes Nandini Products with Awareness Jatha on Chamundi Hill

Mymul Promotes Nandini Products With Awareness Jatha On Chamundi Hill

Members of the Mysuru Milk Union Limited (MyMUL) Administrative Committee, officials, and staff organized an awareness campaign called “jatha” on Sunday at Chamundi Hill to educate the public about Nandini products.

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Awareness Campaign Details

Led by MyMUL President M. Prasanna, the jatha commenced at the foot of Chamundi Hill, with participants carrying banners and placards showcasing information about various Nandini products. The initiative aimed to inform morning walkers and the general public about the health benefits of Nandini products and their role in supporting local farmers.

Promotion of Healthy Living

Speaking during the event, Prasanna emphasized the importance of using natural products like Nandini to combat malnutrition and avoid chemical-laden alternatives. He highlighted MyMUL’s efforts in supporting farmers through equipment distribution and achieving milestones in milk production.


Future Initiatives

MyMUL Managing Director B.N. Vijaykumar outlined plans to boost milk production and enhance sales through innovative programs such as painting competitions and similar awareness campaigns.

Event Participants

The event was attended by MyMUL Director Sachchidanand, Marketing Manager H.K. Jayashankar, Directors K. Umashankar and A.T. Somashekar, CEO Prakash, and Admin-Procurement Manager Jagadeesh.


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