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Monday, March 04 2024

Karnataka Authorities Launch Operation to Trap Prowling Tiger

The Mysuru district of Karnataka authorities launched an operation on Monday to apprehend a tiger that was on the loose and had been sighted near the villages of Chikkakaanya, Doddakaanya, Byatahalli, and Sindhuvalli on several occasions. The forest department acted quickly after residents became alarmed by the tiger's frequent sightings.
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Mysuru: Authorities in Karnataka’s Mysuru district initiated an operation on Monday to trap a prowling tiger that had been spotted multiple times in the vicinity of Chikkakaanya, Doddakaanya, Byatahalli, and Sindhuvalli villages. The repeated sightings of the tiger had caused panic among residents, prompting the forest department to take swift action.

Special Team and Camera Surveillance

In response to the tiger sightings, the forest department has formed a special team and strategically installed cameras to monitor the tiger’s movements. The use of technology, including trap cameras, aims to aid in tracking the big cat’s activities and ensuring the safety of both the residents and the tiger.

Cautionary Measures for Villagers

As part of the operation, authorities have issued advisories to villagers, urging them not to venture out until further directions are provided. Cooperation from the local communities is essential for the success of the operation and to mitigate potential risks associated with the presence of the tiger in the region.

Previous Tiger Incident Prompts Vigilance

The heightened alert in Mysuru comes after a fatal incident on November 24, where a 55-year-old woman named Ratnamma was killed by a tiger near Balluruhundi in the Hediyala forest range. In response to that incident, the authorities successfully captured the involved tiger and relocated it to the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens in Mysuru city.

Comprehensive Approach to Trapping

In previous efforts to trap the tiger, a comprehensive approach was employed, involving three tamed elephants, drones, trap cameras, and over 200 personnel. The coordinated efforts were aimed at safely capturing the tiger and preventing further incidents.

Prioritizing Human-Wildlife Coexistence

While the operation focuses on the immediate safety of residents and the successful trapping of the tiger, it also underscores the importance of promoting coexistence between humans and wildlife. Balancing conservation efforts with the safety of local communities remains a key priority for authorities dealing with such situations.

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