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Tumkur District Cracks Down on Fake Doctors: 98 Identified, Actions Taken

Fake Doctors

Tumkur : The proliferation of fake doctors in Tumkur district has become a serious concern, prompting the health department to intensify its crackdown on unqualified individuals practicing medicine. So far, 98 fake doctors have been identified across the district, and significant actions have been taken against them.


Authorities have discovered that many individuals without medical qualifications or proper authorization from the health department have been running clinics. These unlicensed practitioners have been operating under the radar, often without the necessary medical education. To combat this issue, the health department has been conducting raids throughout the district, continuously working to detect and shut down these illicit operations.

Particularly troubling is the situation in border taluks such as Shira, Pavagada, and Madhugiri, where the incidence of fake doctors is notably high. Pavagada taluk has seen the highest number of cases, with actions taken against 34 fake doctors, leading to the closure of their clinics and the registration of legal cases against them. In Tumkur taluk, similar actions have been taken against 14 individuals.

In some areas, fake doctors are reportedly operating under the guise of influential leaders and politicians, which complicates enforcement efforts. These fake clinics are especially prevalent in rural areas, where access to legitimate medical care is already limited.

The public has suffered significant health problems due to the side effects of medications prescribed by these fake doctors. In March, a protest erupted in Pavagada after a family claimed that a relative died due to treatment from a fake doctor. Such incidents have been reported frequently across the district, highlighting the urgent need for more effective interventions.

Health department officials have been visiting affected areas to conduct inspections. However, enforcement has been challenging. When clinics are shut down, new ones often emerge, turning this illicit practice into a recurring problem. Anjaneya of Pavagada emphasized the need for stricter measures: “Once a case has been registered, they should not be allowed to start the clinic again. Only then will people get real healthcare.”

The health department continues its efforts to root out fake doctors, but the community calls for more robust and permanent solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents in the district.

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