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Council Polls: Raghupathi Bhat Slams Party’s Candidate Selection Process

Udupi Ex Mla Raghupathi Bhat

Mangaluru: Former BJP MLA from Udupi, K. Raghupathi Bhat, who has now turned rebel, filed his nomination for the Legislative Council elections from the South West Graduates’ Constituency, seeking votes based on the work he accomplished during his tenure as MLA.


Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, he criticized the BJP’s shift in the way they select candidates. He mentioned that previously, the party used to choose candidates based on the suggestions of party cadres, but now this process has changed.

Bhat said  as the MLA for Udupi highlighted the work he initiated from 2001 to 2008, highlighted his honest work and contributions to the overall development of the constituency during that time. 

He recalled that before 2004, Udupi lacked good wide roads, and it was under the guidance of the late VS Acharya that the four-lane road work was initiated. He emphasized that he is seeking votes based on this achievement.

Bhat also recounted how the party denied him a ticket to contest the election from Udupi in the previous election despite his loyalty. The party asked him to sacrifice his candidacy for the sake of social justice, promising consideration for a ticket in the MLC election. However, he expressed disappointment as the party fielded Dhanjay Sarji, who had joined the party just a year ago.

Despite this, Bhat stated his commitment to remaining in the BJP regardless of winning or losing the election. He criticized the party’s belief that the coastal region people would vote for them solely based on Hindutva, calling it a misconception.


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