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Tragic Electrocution: Man Dies After Contact with Fallen Electrical Wire

Tragic Electrocution In Hadavinakone Man Dies After Contact With Fallen Electrical Wire

In a heartbreaking incident in Hadavinakone, Shiroor village, Kurudi Irshad (52) from Mudrumakki lost his life after accidentally touching a fallen electrical wire. The unfortunate event occurred on the Hadavinakone-Mudrumakki route, where Irshad, while stepping out of his house to dispose of a deceased rat, inadvertently came into contact with the live wire, resulting in electrocution. The wire had snapped during the previous night’s heavy winds and rain.


Upon receiving notification of the incident, Mescom promptly cut off the power supply and Irshad’s body was transported to the hospital for a post-mortem examination. He leaves behind his wife and four children to mourn his untimely demise.

Yashawant, the assistant engineer of Mescom in Byndoor, along with his team, visited the site to gather information. Additionally, notable figures such as Zilla Panchayat’s former president S. Raju Poojary and Shiroor leader Mohammed were present at the scene.

A case regarding the incident has been registered at the Byndoor police station, as authorities work to understand and address the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

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