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Vinisha Rodrigues Honored with Late Danti Award for “Ettinagadi Express”

Vinisha Rodrigues Honored With Late Danti Award 2023 For Ettinagadi Express

Vinisha Rodrigues was awarded the Late Danti Award 2023 for her book “Ettinagadi Express” on June 9 at the Anugraha Pastoral Centre, Kakkunje. The award, presented by Udupi Catholic Sabha for Christian writers in the Kannada language, includes Rs 25,000 along with a memento.


On receiving the honor, Vinisha Rodrigues emphasized the importance of encouraging youth to buy and read books, noting the declining interest in reading among today’s generation.

The 2023-24 annual general meeting and association of Catholic Sabha Udupi region, held at Kakkunje Anugraha Pastoral Centre, was inaugurated by Fr Denis D’Sa. He stressed the need for leaders to embrace change and new ideas to effectively navigate today’s competitive world.

Clifford Lobo, forest conservation officer and chief guest, emphasized the priority of Christian community service and encouraged youth to consider government services as a viable career option.

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During the meeting, various reports were presented, and a prize distribution ceremony for the diocese level Denis D’Silva Essay competition was held. The event was attended by several dignitaries and members of the Catholic community.


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