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Anjuman Degree College Hosts Self-Defense Workshop for Women Empowerment

Anjuman Degree College Hosts Self Defense Workshop For Women Empowerment

Anjuman Degree College, in collaboration with the Bhatkal Town Police Station, orchestrated a significant initiative for women’s empowerment—a self-defense workshop. Led by Prof. Mohammed Ganim of Anjuman College’s Student Welfare Wing and Prof. R.S. Nayak from the NSS unit, the workshop aimed to equip women with vital skills to protect themselves.


Empowering Women Through Self-Defense Strategies

Town PSI Kokila Anoop, a cyber crime specialist, spearheaded the workshop, delving into various dimensions of self-defense tailored for women’s safety.

Physical Self-Defense: PSI Kokila Anoop elucidated techniques to counter physical threats effectively.

Emotional Self-Defense: Participants gained insights into recognizing and managing emotional manipulation.

Virtual Self-Defense: In the digital realm, strategies for safeguarding against online threats were discussed, including managing social media privacy settings.

Interactive Learning and Engagement

The workshop featured an interactive session where PSI Kokila Anoop addressed queries from the students, fostering a dynamic and enriching exchange of ideas.

Event Highlights

The session commenced with Quranic verses recited by Prof. A.R. Muneeb, followed by a warm welcome from Principal Mr. Mushtaque K. Shaikh. Prof. Mohammed Ganim introduced PSI Kokila Anoop, setting the stage for the training session.

As a gesture of gratitude, Principal Mr. Mushtaque K. Shaikh presented a memento to PSI Kokila Anoop. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Prof. R.S. Nayak.

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