Marikamba temple re-opened for devotees

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Marikamba temple re-opened for devotees

Marikamba temple re-opened for devotees

SC GM   ¦    Jun 08, 2020 06:56:22 PM (IST)

Marikamba temple re-opened for devotees-1

Sirsi: After two and half months of lockdown, the historical Marikamba temple was re-opened on Monday, June 8.

Though there was an instruction to the devotees to enter the temple only after 8 am, there was a beeline to enter the temple from 7.30 am.

There were markings in the pathway of the temple to maintain social distance. Before entering the temple, measures were taken like sanitization, thermal screening among others.

The annual feast of the temple was held between March 3 and 11. Usually, after the annual feast, the idol of Goddess will be reinstalled during Ugadi, in a grand manner. As there was lockdown, the re-installation ceremony of Goddess was held in a simple manner.

Now, after two and a half months of lockdown, devotees entered the temple adhering to the guidelines of the state government.