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Bangalore’s Dr. Sandeep Nayak vies for Breast Cancer awareness

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Every year, the month of October is dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer is a disease dreaded by both women as well as men. However, it is known to strike more in women than in men.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak, surgeon and one of the best oncologist in Bangalore, expresses his concern about the increasing number of breast cancer cases in India and the globe. He laments, ‘More than 600000 deaths linked with breast cancer have been recorded in 2020 alone.  Most of these deaths could have been avoided if there was adequate awareness of breast cancer, the signs and symptoms, and its treatment.’

Women should look out for lumps or swelling in the nipples and/or breast, a lump in the underarm or breast, discharge from the nipples, and flaky skin in and around the breast.

If abnormalities are detected, it is advisable to proceed with an in-depth tests and examination by the a surgical oncologist or breast surgeon to detect the cause and presence of abnormalities.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak is a leading oncologist in India and the founder-owner of MACS cancer clinic in Bangalore. MACS Clinic has specialists for comprehensive cancer treatment, including laparoscopic cancer surgeries for nearly all types of cancers. In addition, their scope of treatment includes organ preservations and best possible recovery from cancer.

He states, ‘Women in their 40s should undergo an annual health checkup, even if they don’t have a family history of cancer. It saves the patient and the family from an emotional crisis.  Through curable, treating cancer is draining financially as well as emotionally. A cancer that is detected early is curable, simpler to treat and treatment costs much less.

Women who experience early mensuration and late menopause are at a higher risk of breast cancer. The other facts to be considered are age, race, genetics, and lifestyle of the women. He elaborates on developing a good habit of performing a self-check of breasts every month, like visiting the supermarket for staples or a schedule to pay monthly bills, which one has to do without fail.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak emphasizes that women should be highly regular in examining their breasts. He further adds that women who get monthly menstrual cycles should examine one week after their cycle. But, on the other hand, post-menopausal women can choose to do it on any day during the month.

Lifestyle and diets are yet another two most important points that need mentioning when discussing breast cancer.  Be it a homemaker or a working woman; there is enormous pressure and stress in both roles. Women’s health may take a backseat. Nevertheless, the onus lies on the women to pay adequate attention to their health,

Awareness and prevention of cancer is possible only if both men and women keep in mind the following points –

  • Maintain a healthy weight through diet control, yoga, and exercise
  • Consume fresh and nutritious food well within the parameters of a balanced diet. The emphasis is on plant-based diets and reducing sugar intake as much as possible.
  • Be regular in exercising. Ideally, exercising for 150 -200 minutes a week is adequate to stay active and healthy.
  • Reducing alcohol intake, staying away from tobacco consumption also go away in keeping cancer at bay.
  • Lastly, going for regular medical checkups and seeking apt medical advice for the smallest of health issues goes a long way in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Incidentally, Dr. Sandeep Nayak is a crusader in promoting cancer awareness. He is the founder-trustee of Samrohana, an NGO focused on increasing cancer awareness. He is very proactive in raising awareness through both print and digital media. He has written numerous articles on keeping cancer at bay, adopting a healthy lifestyle, recovering from cancer, etc.

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