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7 Unforgettable experiences to have in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
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Why is Saudi Arabia such a desirable international travel destination? Saudi Arabia had been closed to travellers for as long as anyone could recall. Furthermore, Arabia’s undiscovered sites are a fantastic delight for everyone who enjoys trying new things.

The Middle East is a treasure mine of discoveries, from stunning coral reefs and desert formations of rock to ancient ones like Mada’in Saleh and ancient Jeddah. You can reach Saudi Arabia by booking tickets on FlyNas Airlines. Flynas provides connections between Saudi Arabia and major Middle Eastern and global locations. They are one of the first airlines to equip their aircraft with environmentally friendly Sharklet standards.

The 7 most amazing things to do in Saudi Arabia are listed below:

Amazing Saudi Arabian Experiences

Thee Ain Ancient Village

This ancient paradise-like community is situated in Western Saudi Arabia’s Bidah Valley and dates back many years. The community was established in the eighth century, and the polished stone homes are bordered by mountains on three sides.

Being the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on this list, it had seen numerous tribal battles in its day until King Abdul Aziz united the Kingdom. This historic village is one of Saudi Arabia’s top tourist destinations; it gets its name from a spring that emerges from the neighbouring mountains.

 Dune Bashing in Qasim

Saudi Arabia - Al Hijr
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Maybe you should make a fresh list of Arabian adventures if Dune-bashing Safari isn’t on it. Dune bashing is an exciting activity that takes place on the region’s plentiful desert sands.

This is your opportunity to get into a 4×4 and combine hill driving and off-road mud with a training guide. Thus, take a seat and relish your delightful journey! It’s undoubtedly among the most daring things to do in the desert.

Enjoy a romantic evening over a campfire with traditional food and drinks to keep the conversation going to round out the experience. You can even visit one of the desert’s oases if you’d like.

The Al Wahbah Salt Crater

If you’re into space travel but don’t want to leave Earth, then the Al Wahbah crater is the place to go. Because of its lunar likeness, the crater is included on Saudi Arabia’s list of renowned locations.

Al Wahbah is a volcanic salt crater that is roughly 250 kilometres from Ta’if. It measures 6.9 km in circumference and 780 m deep.

Prepare for a picnic in any case. At the edge, there are plenty of picnic facilities where you may enjoy the lunar scenery while spending time with your loved ones!

The Edge Of The World – Jebel Fihrayn

If you want to be yourself while seeing the lush golden desert sands, the Saudi version is called the “Edge of the World.”

Situated northwest of the capital city of Riyadh, this natural marvel is encircled by a rocky desert. This place gets its name from its view from the brink. You can see the horizon unhindered when standing on the ledge.

Mada’In Saleh – Al Hijr

Saudi Arabia - Al Hijr
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The Medina Province’s Mada’In Saleh, a city of old tombs carved out of sandstone, is located not far from Al Ula. The Nabataean people, who created these graves, were known historically as Hegras, or Mada’in Saleh, a delight to archaeologists.

The group is thought to have originated as pastoral nomads in the Hejaz region of northwest Saudi Arabia, who also practised oasis building. Mada’In Saleh, the second UNESCO World Heritage Site on the list, is home to 131 imposing rock-cut tombs that are priceless relics from a bygone era.

Outdoor Activities in The Red Sea

Saudi Arabia -The Red Sea
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Only in 2019 did the Saudi government fully open its doors to foreign visitors. This indicates that there is a plethora of activities to partake in and unique marine parks to discover along the Saudi coastline that stretches along the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, much of which is still unknown to the world of international travel.

The King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival

The term “falconry” describes the use of tamed birds of prey for hunting wild animals.

The Saudi Falcons Club hosts the King Abdulaziz Festival of Falconry, an annual international event. Falcon enthusiasts from the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council are among the attendees of the festival.

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