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Is Turkey The Next Best Travel Destination

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Travelling to Turkey should be on everyone’s bucket list. From their amazing tours to their tasty food Turkey is a must.

If you want to find out more about Turkey, continue reading. You can think of this post as a mini Turkey travel guide. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Traveling To Turkey?

We’ll start this Turkey travel guide with things you need to know before travelling to Turkey. These things include:

Apply For A Visa Before Traveling

Unfortunately, US citizens need a visa to enter Turkey. This is because the USA is not part of the visa waiver countries for Turkey. However, you can apply for this visa online (eVisa) which makes the application process easier.

Don’t Drink The Tap Water

While tap water is not used for drinking in any area of the country, its quality varies from region to region. As long as you don’t consume the water, it’s safe to use it to cook food, boil tea, and clean your teeth. Rather opt for bottled water. Large towns have filtration systems in place, yet locals still opt not to drink the tap water out of caution.

Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey?

As we all know, every country has its list of crimes. However, Turkey is relatively safe to visit. The crimes that occur there are mostly scams and pickpocketing. 

However, recently there was a bombing in Turkey, and it is said that something like this could happen at any time. So, make sure you take every precaution when you visit Turkey.

There Are A Few Scams In Turkey

Like most countries, Turkey (unfortunately) has its fair share of scams. Although it’s a perfectly safe country, be on the lookout for small-scale scams like these: 

 The Shoe Shiner Scam

As you’re walking along and enjoying the colorful streets of Istanbul, a shoe shiner will walk in front of you and drop one of their brushes on the ground. They aim for you to pick up the brush and hand it over to him so that he can graciously give you a complimentary shoe shine. Except it won’t be so complimentary after all. Most genuine shoe shiners cost about USD 1 or USD 2, but these types of scammers can ask anywhere from 10 to 20 times that amount. If you see this happening, just ignore it and keep walking.

The Taxi Scam 

Taxi drivers are renowned for being unscrupulous, and Turkey is no different. Before even considering flagging a taxi off the street, I recommend downloading either BiTaksi or Uber so that you can order a taxi online and know how much your trip will cost. If you must flag a taxi, be careful and keep an eye on the meter and route they’re taking. 

The Bazaar Scam

While shopping around the Grand Bazaar, you’ll see hundreds of shops that sell carpets. You should be aware of two common scams when shopping in carpet stores. The first is to be careful about buying rugs that won’t fit in your luggage. There have been hundreds of scams where carpet stores offer free shipping, and a tourist pays in advance and never receives their rug in the mail.

Second, that Turkish carpet might not be Turkish after all. A good percentage of rugs are made in neighbouring countries. Suppose you’re dead set on buying an authentic Turkish carpet. In that case, I recommend finding an expert who can give you a good tour of authentic carpet stores. 

Best Time To Visit Turkey

Depending on your interests, there are different times of the year to travel to Turkey. The ideal months to visit Turkey’s vast collection of historical monuments are often April, May, September, and October because these months are comfortably mild, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C.

June through September are the hottest months of the year, with temperatures on the south coast reaching the mid-thirties. The only drawback is that exploring the attractions might be pretty uncomfortable, but it’s ideal for relaxing by the beach.

Late October marks the start of the weather’s cooling trend. It may get fairly cold from November through March, and many hotels in coastal locations close during this time. Although it’s cold outside, winter can be the best time to visit the attractions because fewer people are around.

Wifi Can Be Spotty

For the most part, free wifi hotspots demand a European or Turkish phone number to obtain the passcode. Unfortunately, this includes the Istanbul airport. The best way around this is to buy a Turkish SIM card, sign up for an international phone plan, or have a buddy with a Turkish phone number who can provide you the passcodes to log on to the internet.

Take a sim card ejector tool with you if you purchase a Turkish sim card so you can remove your sim card tray and insert the sim card.

What To Wear In Turkey

In terms of topography, politics, and culture, Turkey is quite diverse. As a result, you might pass a woman in a little black dress before turning the corner and finding another woman who is completely covered except for her eyes. There are traditional areas of Turkey like Kayseri. Then there are other areas that feel like Los Angeles, like Izmir. Even Istanbul has numerous separate neighborhoods.

Bring conservative clothing for when you see a cultural shift and don’t want to stand out, and your more “summery” clothing for areas of Turkey where you feel more at ease.

Museums Are Closed On Mondays

Generally speaking, Mondays are a closed day for museums in Turkey. These include well-known Istanbul museums like SALT Galata, Dolmabahçe Palace, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Pera Museum, Istanbul Toy Museum, and more. In addition, the Antkabir (Ataturk’s mausoleum), located in Ankara, is likewise closed on Mondays.

Before adding a location to your schedule, double-check the opening and closing times on the websites of most museums and tourist attractions.

Is Turkey A Good Tourist Destination?

Yes, it is! Turkey has a lot to offer, and its hospitality will make you feel like you’re home. Some of the reasons I think Turkey is the best tourist destination are as follows.

Amazing Hot Air Balloon Flights!

The hot air balloons of Cappadocia are unlike anything else in the world, whether you are viewing them from the ground or suspended high above it. Just before dawn, dozens of colorful balloons launch into the sky. They fly over the clustered cave dwellings and saunter low into the deep valleys.

Spectacular Shopping

The shopping in Turkey is arguably the best in the world, whether you’re getting lost in the Grand Bazaar’s infinite passageways in Istanbul or visiting the numerous market booths you’ll find in every town along your tour. In addition, Turkey is the source of many of the souvenirs sold in neighboring nations. This implies that you must stop here if you’re traveling around Europe and want to get the finest value.

Beautiful Beaches

Turkey’s 7,200 km coastline is home to gorgeous sandy beaches, serene harbors ideal for boat excursions, and breathtaking sea vistas. Coastal communities like Antalya and Kas have charming main squares and ancient centers rich in history. They are close to stunning beaches with pure water that short walks or drives may reach.

Luxurious Turkish Baths (Hammams)

Without taking a soak in a traditional Turkish bath, no trip to Turkey is complete. All around Turkey, there are innumerable hammams with various rates and services. The 1584-constructed “emberlitaş Hamam” Fiyat in the heart of Istanbul features stunning architecture and affordable rates. Spend more money on the “luxury style” package, which includes a trip to the hammam, a soapy scrub, and a 30-minute oil massage.

These are just a few of the best of Turkey. There are loads more to experience. You can even get exclusive tours with a Turkey travel guide.

Can US Citizens Travel To Turkey Now?

Yes, you can! Turkey is open for travel which means you can go and experience the best of Turkey. 

However, before you travel to Turkey, make sure you’re aware of everything I discuss in this post.

That’s It!

The mini Turkey travel guide is done! Now you know everything you need to know about Turkey travel & Tours. Remember to indulge in all the beauty, flavourful food, and culture Turkey has to offer.

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