Even amid pandemic animals, birds should be protected: DC

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Even amid pandemic animals, birds should be protected: DC

Even amid pandemic animals, birds should be protected: DC

Team NK   ¦    Jul 15, 2021 09:15:04 AM (IST)

Even amid pandemic animals, birds should be protected: DC-1

Mangaluru: There should not be any hindrance in protection and rearing of domestic birds and animals due to Covid or other emergencies. All amenities required for their domestication will be facilitated by the District Administration, said Deputy Commissioner Dr. Rajendra K. V.

Speaking here on Wednesday July 14 here at Deputy Commissioner's Hall, he said, in recent times it is seen that the animals are found abandoned on streets. Such animals have to be taken care by the Prani Daya Sangha and also the organisation has to organise awareness programme against the ill-effects of violence against animals, he instructed as the president at the organisation's meeting.

Stating that the Prani Daya Sangha has to file complaint against the culprits who are found selling and killing of animals, he called on the officers to initiative in identifying the place for Goshala of which the administration would be handed over to the nearby temples. Measures will be taken to shoulder all the expenditures of Goshala by district administration, he stressed.

DC further expressed concern that the animals were losing their lives due to unscientific waste management in the district as it is witnessed that animals consume plastic, glass pieces, bones and such other hazardous wastes and hence asked the concerned to make sure that the waste management is undertaken in scientific manner. Each Panchayat should have proper waste management facility, he added.

Rajendra said that the concerned officers should make surprise visits to shops on the footpaths of the city and collect information on registration of pet shops. A legal action should be taken against illegal shops, he instructed the officers.

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