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Wednesday, April 17 2024
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Empty stomachs and filled shampoo bottles

Sumayya Column Begging Human Rights
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A case study conducted by Institute for Human Development sheds light on the great agony prevalent in India. A man from South India, identified as Baba Khan has an MBA degree and was employed before the lockdown. He got laid off by his company and faced a dire financial crisis. Unable to pay his rent and other expenses, he entered into a state of extreme depression and even attempted suicide. His neighbours saved him and got him admitted to a hospital in Delhi. He was not able to pay the hospital bills and was thrown out of the hospital as well. He now stays in the vicinity of RK Puram Metro Station and survives on alms he receives from people.

“There is more fruit in rich man’s shampoo than in a poor man’s plate” goes well to the existing economic circumstances in the nation. The top 10 per cent of the population possessing 57 per cent of National income along with unimprovised evils of beggary are certain impacts.

In the general world, people have two opinions on beggars. One Either ‘Sympathy’ or other the ‘Rejection’. Currently, there is a new trend and opinion on begging with a slogan against begging. Social media contents opined to halt giving alms to people. With a firm voice majority of us ask our friends to stop lending our little hand in aid. The issue also reached the court asking for the abolition of beggary in the public roads. Court with all empathy gave a judgement saying: “No one would like to beg if not for poverty.” We need to develop ‘Empathy’ in place of ‘Sympathy’ and ‘Solution’ in case of ‘rejection’ when dealing with beggars or beggary as an issue.

If cutting our entire hand for a finger injury is not a solution then ordering one to stop stretching their hand too is not a solution. One comes out begging only when they are left out with nothing. Food and Shelter are the basic need of an individual. There is always a chance of death causing due to the non-consumption of food. Right to Life and Personal Liberty is the basic right of an individual which is guaranteed through Article 21 of our Constitution. It indeed will be a wrong move from the government or court to curtail begging without facilitating the basic needs. India does not have any federal law to stop begging. But the state has adopted their law to criminalise begging. Sadly under the law, an individual can be jailed for ten years in the name of begging. What needs to be understood here is, not everyone is a beggar by birth. It is the duty of the government as well the citizens to initiate a qualitative action to eradicate begging.

India is a secular country. We in India have several religious institutions. Religious institutions in our country do collect funds on region-specific interests. If all these religious institutions come together in the name of eradicating poverty and begging nothing can abstain from its success. On a statutory basis, the government should plan and implement job creation by funding the projects with a special focus on mitigating poverty and making them self-independent. With this not only beggary is prevented but a hungry stomach will be filled for life and national income shall see its increase without a doubt.

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Sumayya Parveen A.

Sumayya is a Journalism, Eng. Literature and History Graduate & IAS Aspirant. She is also a budding writer and poetess.

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