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Tuesday, April 16 2024
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Design your career with a short-term course in Graphic Design!

Graphic design
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Where are you reading this article? On a website? Which one? Like the design? Have you seen the Magazine, Karnataka Today? Love the cover page and the reading ease inside? Have you been attracted enough to go buy and try a packet of Amul Butter by the Utter-Butterly Ad campaign on billboards across your city? And how do you quickly identify a brand, just by looking at its logo? Does a wedding invitation seem inviting just by its design?

Some things stand out in your mind. We all have that one logo, advertisement, magazine cover, or website that attracts us more than others – based on color combinations, content, design, or a combo! 

Mainly it is the design. Its graphic nature attracts us. Of course, different people are attracted by different components of the design. But the key is the designer, who visualizes, conceptualizes, applies his creativity, and develops an eye-catching design. It is the Graphic Designer that visually communicates the many positives of a product attractively, in a way that registers with you. He is the one in charge of the visual communications of a product.

Design of a Designer!

Typically, a graphic designer would be expected to have expertise in lay-outing, typography, diagramming, drawing, and lettering. One must have a strong sense of aesthetics to know the correct combos of colors, artwork, photography, and other visual elements for the design. More often than not the job of a graphic designer would include planning, visualizing, implementing, and executing designs for target audiences. This would involve research and/or input from others. Needless to say, deep knowledge of graphic design software is key to a successful career in this field. That would presuppose a lot of prerequisites – aesthetics, spatial and technical ability. While patience is a key attribute, given that there will be many comebacks on changes in design, understanding client needs at the first explanation is just as important.

A specialized job!

It is an absolutely interesting job – time flies while you are at it – and satisfying. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing the end product you visualized at the beginning of a project. If there is all-around appreciation, then the sky is the limit for your joy. So, there is joy and there is satisfaction. But you can also make a solid career out of it especially given today’s business and advertising scenario which is responding to the reduced attention span of people and the explosion of information. In your face, visually bold, offbeat communication is what attracts. Sustaining the attraction will depend upon content, which needs to be concise and precise to the point making them look for more information from the place your visual communication points them to!

Specialized Training is key

Only with specialized training can you make headway in the field of Graphic Design. Students aspiring to be good graphic designers must be inclined towards artwork and of course excellent spatial ability. There are plenty of options to learn graphic design including short-term certification courses and diplomas. Spearhead Academy’s certification-based Graphic design course is a good place to begin because it offers both theory and practice-based learning. It will expose you to electronic media, audio-visual media, desktop publishing, and printing.

Career Prospects for graphic designers

One of the beautiful aspects of studying Graphic Design is the wide variety of jobs one can pursue after receiving a Graphic Design degree,” says graphic designer and art director Amy Lewin. “I never wanted to be too specialized in my career. I crave variety in design and love switching up my style and working on a range of projects.

Today Graphic Designers are the most important people. Programme flyers, Books, Magazines, Hoardings, Advertisements, Film intros, Tv programme themes, Social Media Posts and Advertisements, and Signboards; you name it, it requires a graphic designer. One who understands your strategy and develops one of his own based on yours! Graphic designers also work as layout editors in media organizations, strategic design heads in marketing firms and design studios and even assist in product design. No two projects are the same and therefore there is only limited scope for boredom. And one can freelance and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle!

Training up and pursuing a graphic design career path is a big investment in your future, so the first thing you need to do is be sure it’s the right direction for you. Here are some good reasons to choose graphic design as a career: learning will be a daily thing, good design will always be in demand – that’s a home truth that needs no explanation, it opens so many different career paths, teamwork and problem-solving are additional skills you will learn as you go along, you may one day become famous, and you will hopefully have the satisfaction of seeing the way you change the world!

After all that you’ve read, if it’s for you look for the right course to begin your career. A short-term course to begin with and then perhaps a Diploma or a Degree later. Start small, grow big…. and be famous.

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