Farmers protest in city to support Bharat Bandh

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Farmers protest in city to support Bharat Bandh

Farmers protest in city to support Bharat Bandh

L K   ¦    Mar 26, 2021 09:54:54 PM (IST)


Farmers protest in city to support Bharat Bandh-1

Mysuru: State Farmers' Union along with Green Army staged a protest in the city near the Gun House on Friday March 26, in support of the Bharat Bandh, which is being called by various peasant organizations led by United Kisan Morcha in protest of the central government's controversial farm bill.

Speaking to protesters, Farmer Leader Badagalapura Nagendra said that the central government should immediately revoke the Agricultural Amendment Act “These laws are fatal to farmers,” he said

He said, “for the past four months, there has been a struggle in Delhi against agricultural laws and the central government is not making any genuine effort to resolve the peasant problem, so today the United Kisan Morcha has called for Bharat Bandh and we have a mockery.”

He further said, "We all need to fight to save the agriculture of the peasantry and protect the assets of the country and the public enterprises."  He also started that the Electricity Bill, Land Improvement Act, APMC Amendment Act and the Livestock Prohibition Amendment Act should be immediately passed. At the same time, he urged the Center and State Governments to enact laws to ensure the support price for all agricultural products under the recommendation of Dr M Swaminathan.

He said that the FIR has been lodged on Rakesh Tikayat with political Maliciousness. It is a job to suppress the struggle, he said. He demanded the abolition of the FIR immediately.

Hosur Kumar, Hoskote Basavaraju and leaders of the Dalit Conflict Committee and many peasant leaders including KS Shivaramu were present.

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