Maths is easier than other subjects: Bannur K. Raju

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Maths is easier than other subjects: Bannur K. Raju

Maths is easier than other subjects: Bannur K. Raju

L K   ¦    Mar 16, 2021 06:07:36 PM (IST)

Maths is easier than other subjects: Bannur K. Raju-1

Mysore: Mathematics is very difficult but maths is not difficult. It is like a yummy yoghurt and if you love maths, it will bring sweetness to the lives of students, says Bannur K. Raju said.

He was speaking at the launch of International Pi Day celebrations organized by A Dai Hiranmai Foundation at Vani Vidya Mandiram, Vidyaranyapuram.

He said that students can score full points in maths if they take any level of exam correctly. “But in other subjects it is not so easy which means that maths is easier than all things,” he added.

Speaking on the importance of studying maths, he said, “those who have learned maths very well will find it easier to learn other subjects, because every subject has maths in them one or the other way. So those who specialize in mathematics can achieve anything.”

District Secretary of Karnataka Knowledge Science Committee V. Muralidhar said, that in world of science, you need math for everything. “There is math in everything. Mathematics is universal. Against this backdrop, the International Day of Pi is celebrated every year on March 1 to raise awareness of the mathematical and mathematical significance of pi,” he stated. He briefed about the Pi Day celebration.

Sangappa, president of Hiranmai Foundation and retired mathematics teacher, conducted a quiz competition to help students develop their talents. Radha Meenakshi, Vijayalakshmi, Balasubramanya, Srinivasa, Hamma Manjunath and K Mahesh were also present.

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