Meat sale in Mysore amidst restrictions

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Meat sale in Mysore amidst restrictions

Meat sale in Mysore amidst restrictions

L K   ¦    Apr 25, 2021 06:12:12 PM (IST)

Meat sale in Mysore amidst restrictions-1

Mysuru: With continuing of the weekend curfew imposed to prevent the Corona chain on Sunday April 25, it was witnessed that meat lovers were searching for their favourite meat all over the city.

The Mysore corporation banned slaughtering and selling of meat from 6 am. to 10 am in the wake of Mahavir Jayanti. However, it was seen that meat sales were restricted at the Devaraja market in the city, while it was sold stealthily in most parts of the city. In some places, meat shops were open. The city police team - Abhay on a tip-off raided many shops. However, many other shops by them had completed their sales.

The majority of the market area was packed in the early morning. People were seen purchasing fruits and vegetables without following social distancing. The police were able to disperse the crowd from the road by 10 am.

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